On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 08:06:42PM -0500, Jeff King wrote:

> But I think there is a subtle problem. Here (and elsewhere) we use the
> parsed value of "0" as a sentinel. I think that is OK for
> --max-pack-size, where "0" is not a reasonable value. But git-repack(1)
> says:
>   --window-memory=0 makes memory usage unlimited, which is the default.
> What does:
>   git config pack.windowMemory 256m
>   git repack --window-memory=0
> do? It should override the config, but I think it does not with your
> patch (nor with the current code). Using a string would fix that (though
> you could also fix it by using a different sentinel, like ULONG_MAX).

Here is a series that does that (and fixes the other issue I found). It
would probably be nice to test these things, but checking that they
actually had an impact is tricky (how do you know that --window-memory
did the right thing?).

  [1/3]: repack: fix typo in max-pack-size option
  [2/3]: repack: make parsed string options const-correct
  [3/3]: repack: propagate pack-objects options as strings

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