Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Johannes Sixt <j.s...@viscovery.net> writes:
> ...
>> ..., I suggest that we just punt (as per
>> my patch). That should work out nicely because we can fairly safely assume
>> that there are no installers around that look at these particular version
>> numbers.

OK.  I do not think we care too deeply about how a "forced to be
four dewey-decimal numbers" looks compared to 2 or 3 numbers in the
$(GIT_VERSION), as I think we always had that (non-)issue, but not
being able to compile is not very nice.

So can you, Pat or Ramsay send a tested patch with a proposed log
message?   Preferrably by -rc1 but I think the change is low impact
that it can be in -rc2, leaving -rc1 broken.

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