Pat Thoyts <> writes:

>>> GIT_VERSION=1.9.rc0
>>> all:
>>>     echo $(join -DMAJOR= -DMINOR= -DPATCH=, \
>>>         $(wordlist 1,3,$(filter-out rc%,$(subst -, ,$(subst .,
>>> ,$(GIT_VERSION)))) 0 0))
>>> This removes any rc* parts and appends a couple of zeros so that all
>>> missing elements should appear as 0 in the final list.
>> As Junio already pointed out, this records the wrong number in the 1.9
>> track before 1.9.1 is out because the third position is the commit count,
>> not the patch level.
>> -- Hannes
> OK - I cehcked and you are right in that the GIT_VERSION value is the
> one showing up the properties dialog at least under Windows 7. As this
> is the most likely to be examined I agree that just taking the first
> two digits is the simplest fix here. So, fine by me then.
> Acked-by: Pat Thoyts <>

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