Hi, I have the following use case - I have a set of files that are used for
various adhoc projects, each project is in its own directory, and the files
sometime need to be customized/enhanced for a specific project. Ideally
some of these enhancements should be merged to a "central" place. I realize
that this is not the most optimal setup for software development, however
these aren't software projects per se and this setup works very well.
To this end, I am thinking of creating a git repository in one directory
(central location), then cloning it (-l -n -s) into another directory in
hopes of making enhancements there and eventually pushing / merging some of
those enhancements back to the central location.

Questions: 1) is this a good approach to achieving what I need 2) I was
getting an error when I tied to run "git push" about the branch being
checked out and 3) how do I selectively push / merge only certain commits
back to the "source" repository / branch?

I am using pushing / merging interchangeably because I don't know which
action is more appropriate in this situation.

This is my first time using git so any insights would be much appreciated.
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