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> 1) is this a good approach to achieving what I need

If you do not intend to track the parent projects in Git, then yes - that is a 
good approach.

With that said, I recommend tracking each parent project in its own Git 
repository, and track the shared code in yet another Git repository, and link 
them using submodule references.

> 2) I was getting an error when I tied to run "git push" about the branch 
> being checked out and

What's the error when you use the more explicit syntax, `git push <remote> 
<branch>`?  Depending on configuration, simply `git push` might not have all 
the information it needs to work.

> 3) how do I selectively push / merge only certain commits back to the 
> "source" repository / branch?

You can't.  When pushing, pulling, or merging, you can only deal with 
subsections of the commit graph.

With that said, you can rebuild parts of the commit graph using selected 
commits.  Then, that result can be pushed, pulled, or merged.

In my experience, you want to avoid picking and choosing commits in the shared 
repository for each parent project.  Maintaining the shared repository is 
difficult enough.  I advise that you find a way to make your shared code 
configurable for each project, such that you can have one "master" branch for 
all, and each project just uses or configures the code differently.  With that 
said, try to keep your configurations to a minimum (within reason) - in 
general, the more configurations you have, the more difficult the shared 
library will be to maintain.

Hope that helps,
 - Andrew

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