After several days of problems with directory permissions in the
objects/ directory for shared users, I finally found the cause of an
issue that we have been seeing.

We are working with several shared repositories. We were trying to use
a shared [include] configuration that contained

sharedRepository = group

This was not being honoured, from an included config file.

Using git config, would show that core.sharedRepository was set to
'group', as expected.

However, digging through setup.c I see that shared_repository is
actually configured using git_config_early(), which does not use the
include mechanism that git_config()/ git_config_with_options() uses.

This is particularly difficult to debug given the git-config reports
values that are not actually used internally.

I think that git config should report the correct values, for features
that are accessed via git_config_early. Otherwise it is quite
difficult to understand the behaviour, without the source code.

git version on CentOS release 5.6 (Final)

Gordon McGregor
+1 512 577 9712
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