On 01/31/2014 04:56 AM, Peter Krefting wrote:
> Matthieu Moy:
>> One option is to have the symlink in the other direction: make
>> /etc/foo a symlink to $GIT_WORKTREE/foo and version the later.
> I do that for the software that supports it, but ssh, for instance, is
> very picky that ~/.ssh is a directory and such. And at least one of
> the other files I version-control will be unlinked and overwritten in
> such a way that that does not work.
> I could split the repo up (that seems to be what "vcsh" is doing) and
> check the parts out in the corresponding directories, but I do like
> the idea of having one single repo.
> Oh, well, if I have the time, maybe I can come up with a patch. There
> is already some hacks in the "core.symlinks" setting, so I guess it
> should be possible.
This is now unrelated to Git, but I have .ssh symlinked to a
version-controlled directory on all of my machines (Kubuntu 13.10,
14.04, and recent Gentoo systems, but I've also done this on CentOS 5
and 6).

SSH doesn't care whether ~/.ssh is a symlink, but it *does* //care about

mruffalo@giygas:~$ ls -ld .ssh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 mruffalo mruffalo 13 Mar 17  2013 .ssh -> .home-git/ssh
mruffalo@giygas:~$ ls -ld .home-git
drwx------ 1 mruffalo mruffalo 116 Dec  8 01:26 .home-git

If .home-git is mode 0755, SSH may refuse to use any private keys that
it finds, though I was unable to reproduce this with a few quick tests.

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