Peter Krefting <> writes:

> ...if I have the time, maybe I can come up with a patch. There is
> already some hacks in the "core.symlinks" setting, so I guess it
> should be possible.

That is totally unrelated.  The variable only says "on this platform
and/or filesystem, you cannot symlink(2), so instead create a
regular file with the symlink contents when checking out a symlink
blob".  Most importantly, the variable does not change the fact that
symbolic links are explicitly tracked without dereferencing.

If you have, under a directory foo/, a symbolic link foo/bar that
points at "../baz", a directory foo/baz/, and you have a file at

 1. "git add foo" and "git add foo/bar" will add foo/bar as a
    symlink; and
 2. "git add foo/bar/hello" is an error.

The variable does not have any interactions with the logic to make
sure 2. errors out correctly, so the presense of it does not imply

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