On 2014-02-01 10.14, Reuben Hawkins wrote:
> Most case-insensitive filesystems are case-preserving. In these
> filesystems (such as HFS+ on OS X) you can name a file Filename.txt,
> then rename the file to FileName.txt.  That file will be accessible
> by both filenames, but the case is otherwise honored.  We don't want
> to have git ignore case on these case-preserving filesystem
> implementations.

Yes, we want.
Because the file system will treat "Filename.txt" and "FileName.txt"
the same.
Whatever is on disc, the OS will not distinguish them.
(On a case-insensitive HFS+ partition).

And when core.ignorecase == true, Git does the same what the OS does,
ignore the case.

Could you describe the problems more in detail ?

Could you supply a test case, (or a short script) which shows
the problem and makes it reproducable for others?

Which problems does your patch solve, which can not be solved
by setting core.ignorecase==false manually?

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