On 2/2/14, Reuben Hawkins <reuben...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This is a separate issue which core.ignorecase is sweeping under the rug.
>  When you get this error message, do an 'ls' and you'll see there isn't an
> untracked file called 'FileName.txt'.  There is, however, a tracked file
> called 'Filename.txt'.  Because there aren't really any untracked files,
> the merge should be able to complete without overwriting anything.

I am afraid but it is exactly the same issue, because it never happens
on any case-sensitive system. IIRC, Git stats 'FileName.txt' to verify
whether it exists or not, and the file system tells that this file
exists, because it ignores case. So the option is called 'ignorecase'.

No one meant this option to be about whether the file system preserves
case or not, because Git does not care about it and assumes that on
any case-insensitive filesystem, the right case is in the index, which is
usually better, because otherwise people can often change filenames

I don't know much about importers, but I have looked at the source code
of fast-import.c and I do not see ignore_case there, though it may affect
it indirectly through some functions that it uses. AFAIK, fast-import does
not rely on the filesystem, it should always work with ignorecase=false.

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