[+cc Joshua Jensen, who wrote 50906e0]

On Sun, Feb 02, 2014 at 07:13:04AM -0600, Reuben Hawkins wrote:

> fast-import should not use strncmp_icase.

I am not sure of that. My gut feeling is that core.ignorecase is
completely about the _filesystem_, and that git should generally be
case-sensitive internally. But I do not know that everyone agrees. Your
commit is basically a revert of 50906e0 (Support case folding in git
fast-import when core.ignorecase=true, 2010-10-03). And here's some
additional discussion specifically regarding fast-import:


So I think there is a discussion to be had[1].

> When it does, files with
> similar names, but different case can be lost in the import.  For
> example...
> M 100644 :1 FileName.txt
> D Filename.txt
> ...would end up deleting FileName from the index during the fast-
> import when strncmp_icase is used and core.ignorecase=true.  The
> intent in the above snippet is to rename the file, not delete it.

There may be a separate bug where fast-import needs to be smarter about
ordering operations in such a case (or perhaps fast-export generators
need to be more careful about the order of their output). But it might
be fixable without disabling case-insensitivity entirely.


[1] I am mostly trying to connect people on various sides of the
    discussion here. So take my "gut feeling" above with a grain of
    salt, as it does not come from experience nor thinking too hard
    about the issue.
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