Torsten Bögershausen <> writes:

> []
>> So to summarize, when fast-import uses strncmp_icase (what fast-import does 
>> now) import on a repository where ignorecase=true is wrong.  My patch, 
>> "fast-import.c: always honor the filename case" fixes this.  Can you verify?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Reuben
> Yes, I can verify. My feeling is that
> a) the fast-export should generate the rename the other way around.
>    Would that be feasable ?
>    Or generate a real rename ?
>   (I'm not using fast-export or import myself)

I do not think this matters.  Or at least, it should not matter.  As
Peff said in the nearby message, core.ignorecase is completely about
the _filesystem_, and that git should generally be case-sensitive

And fast-import is about reading internal representation of paths
and data to populate the repository, without having to guess what
pathnames were meant to be used---the guess is only needed if we
need to consult the filesystem that loses case information.

The change made by 50906e04 (Support case folding in git fast-import
when core.ignorecase=true, 2010-10-03) should probably be half
reverted by making the case-squashing an optional feature, that
could be used even on a system with case sensitive filesystems.

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