On Sun, Feb 02, 2014 at 09:21:56PM +1030, Adrian Johnson wrote:

> - Allow extra space in "is new" and "is separate"
> [...]
> -      "!^(.*[ \t])?(is new|renames|is separate)([ \t].*)?$\n"
> +      "!^(.*[ \t])?(is[ \t]+new|renames|is[ \t]+separate)([ \t].*)?$\n"

I do not know anything about Ada syntax, but this change looks obviously

> - Fix bug in word regex for numbers
> -      "|[0-9][-+0-9#_.eE]"
> +      "|[-+0-9#_.eE]+"

This makes "E" or "_" a number. Is that right?

I think the intent of the original was "starts with a digit, and then
has one or more of these other things after it". You do not describe the
bug, but I guess it would be that it does not match obvious things like
"5". Should it be "zero or more" instead, like:


? Also, should -/+ be hoisted to the front?


Again, I am just guessing, as I am not familiar enough with Ada.

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