Adrian Johnson <> writes:

>>> -    "|[0-9][-+0-9#_.eE]"
>>> +    "|[-+]?[0-9][0-9#_.aAbBcCdDeEfF]*([eE][+-]?[0-9_]+)?"
>> This would match a lot wider than what I read you said you wanted to
>> match in your previous message.  Does "-04##4_3_2Ee-9" count as a
>> number, for example, or can we just ignore such syntactically
>> incorrect sequence?
> Maybe I am misunderstanding the purpose of the word diff regexes. I
> thought the purpose of the word regex is to split lines into words, not
> determine what is syntactically correct.

I agree that the purpose is former---So you could have just said
"the latter" ;-).

Any other nitpick, anybody?  Otherwise I'll queue this version.
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