I've tried to perform a single simple task to fetch data
from the linux-next integration testing tree repo and
sparse checkout the "drivers/staging/usbip/" directory.

I managed to perform it successfully under Linux with Git

But I always failed to perform checkout under Windows 7
with Git facing the following error:
"Sparse checkout leaves no entry on working directory".

Unfortunately, I haven't tried that under Linux with Git So, don't know if there is the same problem.

However I typed the checkout directory in file
.git/info/sparse-checkout by using different formats with
and without the leading and the trailing slashes, with and
without asterisk after trailing slash, having tried all
the possible combinations, but, all the same,
nevertheless, the error occured.

On Linux I stored the checkout directory in
sparse-checkout file in the following way:
"drivers/staging/usbip/". And everything was fine under
Linux, but not under Windows.

However, I don't, of course, if the format of this
directory really matters.
May be the Git install on Windows 7 specific configuration
is the reason?

Could you, please, tell me, what might be wrong?
Am I doing something wrong or it's a bug?

Best Regards,
Constantine Gorbunov
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