Johannes Sixt <j.sixt <at>> writes:

> Am 2/6/2014 12:54, schrieb konstunn <at>
> > However I typed the checkout directory in file
> > ..git/info/sparse-checkout by using different formats with
> > and without the leading and the trailing slashes, with and
> > without asterisk after trailing slash, having tried all
> > the possible combinations, but, all the same,
> > nevertheless, the error occured.
> Make sure that you do not use CRLF line terminators in the sparse-checkout
> file.

This is it. Right you are. I've just tried to edit "manually" with notepad 
.git\info\sparse-checkout and found out that there really was a CRLF line 
terminator. After I removed it I managed to succeed in my sparse checkout.

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