We in the chromium project have a keen interest in adding threading to
git in the pursuit of performance for lengthy operations (checkout,
status, blame, ...).  Our motivation comes from hitting some
performance walls when working with repositories the size of chromium
and blink:


We are particularly concerned with the performance of msysgit, and we
have already chalked up a significant performance gain by turning on
the threading code in pack-objects (which was already enabled for
posix platforms, but not on msysgit, owing to the lack of a correct
pread implementation).

To this end, I'd like to start submitting patches that make the code
base generally more thread-safe and thread-friendly.  Right after this
email, I'm going to send the first such patch, which makes the global
list of pack files (packed_git) internal to sha1_file.c.

I realize this may be a contentious topic, and I'd like to get
feedback on the general effort to add more threading to git.  I'd
appreciate any feedback you'd like to give up front.


Stefan Zager
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