On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 6:11 PM, Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have no comments about thread safety improvements (well, not yet).
> If you have investigated about git performance on chromium
> repositories, could you please sum it up? Threading may be an option
> to improve performance, but it's probably not the only option.

Well, the painful operations that we use frequently are pack-objects,
checkout, status, and blame.  Anything on Windows that touches a lot
of files is miserable due to the usual file system slowness on
Windows, and luafv.sys (the UAC file virtualization driver) seems to
make it much worse.

With threading turned on, pack-objects on Windows now takes about
twice as long as on Linux, which is still more than a 2x improvement
over the non-threaded operation.

Checkout is really bad on Windows.  The blink repository is ~200K
files, and a full clean checkout from the index takes about 10 seconds
on Linux, and about 3:30 on Windows.  I used the Very Sleepy profiler
to see where all the time was spent on Windows: 55% of the time was
spent in OpenFile, and 25% in CloseFile (both in win32).  My immediate
goal is to add threading to checkout, so those file system calls can
be done in parallel.

Enabling the fscache speeds up status quite a bit.  I'm optimistic
that parallelizing the stat calls will yield a further improvement.
Beyond that, it may not be possible to do much more without using a
file system watcher daemon, like facebook does with mercurial.

Blame is something that chromium and blink developers use heavily, and
it is not unusual for a blame invocation on the blink repository to
run for 30 seconds.  It seems like it should be possible to
parallelize blame, but it requires pack file operations to be

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