Stefan Zager <> writes:

> On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 10:50 AM, David Kastrup <> wrote:
>> Really, give the above patch a try.  I am taking longer to finish it
>> than anticipated (with a lot due to procrastination but that is,
>> unfortunately, a large part of my workflow), and it's cutting into my
>> "paychecks" (voluntary donations which to a good degree depend on timely
>> and nontrivial progress reports for my freely available work on GNU
>> LilyPond).
> I will give that a try.  How much of a performance improvement have
> you clocked?

Depends on file type and size.  With large files with lots of small
changes, performance improvements get more impressive.

Some ugly real-world examples are the Emacs repository, src/xdisp.c
(performance improvement about a factor of 3), a large file in the style
of /usr/share/dict/words clocking in at a factor of about 5.

Again, that's with an SSD and ext4 filesystem on GNU/Linux, and there
are no improvements in system time (I/O) except for patch 4 of the
series which helps perhaps 20% or so.

So the benefits of the patch will come into play mostly for big, bad
files on Windows: other than that, the I/O time is likely to be the
dominant player anyway.

If you have benchmarked the stuff, for annoying cases expect I/O time to
go down maybe 10-20%, and user time to drop by a factor of 4.  Under
GNU/Linux, that makes for a significant overall improvement.  On
Windows, the payback is likely quite less because of the worse I/O
performance.  Pity.

David Kastrup
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