2014-02-20 23:35 GMT+00:00 Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com>:
> does it make sense to apply
> --depth=250 for old commits only

Just wondering: would it be difficult to fix the problems that lead to
worse than linear slowdown with the --depth? (I.e. adaptive cache/hash
table size.) If the performance difference between say --depth=25 and
--depth=250 could be reduced from a factor 40 to 10 (or better if
things are back to other things taking more time than the object
access), that would seem like a nice gain in any case.

Also, in "man git-gc" document --aggressive that it leads to slower
*read* performance after the gc, I remember having red that option's
docs when I ran it, and since it didn't mention that it makes reads
slower, I didn't expect it to, and thus didn't remember this as the
source of the problem when I noticed that things were slow.

(But, I took from the discussion that increasing the gzip window size
(?) would make things smaller anyway, so perhaps all that isn't even

I can test next week if you have particular suggestions to test.

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