> I used to repack older part of history manually with a deeper depth,
> mark the result with the .keep bit, and then repack the whole thing
> again to have the remainder in a shallower depth.  Something like:
>         git rev-list --objects v1.5.3 |
>         git pack-objects --depth=128 --delta-base-offset pack
> would give me the first pack (in real life, I would use a larger
> window size like 4096), and then after placing the resulting .pack
> and .idx files along with a .keep file in .git/objects/pack/,
> running "git repack -a -d" to pack the rest.

I'm curious, after these repacking, how do you guys publish these
packs? git push? if yes, on what criteria does the remote repo know
which pack it should fetch?

Or maybe it's only a local operation and thus you cannot do it on the
remote without ssh access?

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