On 24/02/14 09:33, Robert Dailey wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 1:39 AM, Chris Packham <judge.pack...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> On 22/02/14 18:18, Robert Dailey wrote:
>>> So it seems that the pager doesn't work by default when running `git
>>> log` from Cygwin like it does in msysgit for Windows.
>>> I know I can pipe to `less` but that requires the additional typing
>>> obviously. Does anyone know how I can get the pager to work in Cygwin
>>> for git log, reflog, and other commands like it does in msysgit?
>>> Thanks in advance.
>> Add GIT_PAGER=less to your environment. I don't know if you were using
>> the cygwin packaged git or building from source but I'm surprised the
>> pager is not set by default as you actually have to define the use of
>> something other than less.
> Thanks for the response. I did set this environment variable in my
> .bashrc like so:
> export GIT_PAGER=less
> However after I do a 'git log' it is just spitting it out all at once
> and not entering the pager.

Um OK that was the obvious thing to try. There is also the config
variable core.pager but GIT_PAGER should take precedence.

Could something be setting the environment variable LESS? Reading the
git-config man page for core.pager git wants to set LESS to FRSX but if
it is already set git takes that as an indication that you don't want to
set LESS automatically.

If neither of those help you probably want to let us know your cygwin
version as well as your git version and how you installed git (i.e.
built from source or installed via cygwin).

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