On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 3:06 AM, Jeff King <p...@peff.net> wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 08:55:41PM +1300, Chris Packham wrote:
>> > Thanks for the response. I did set this environment variable in my
>> > .bashrc like so:
>> >
>> > export GIT_PAGER=less
>> >
>> > However after I do a 'git log' it is just spitting it out all at once
>> > and not entering the pager.
>> >
>> Um OK that was the obvious thing to try. There is also the config
>> variable core.pager but GIT_PAGER should take precedence.
> Presumably we are actually running what's in GIT_PAGER, but we can
> double-check with:
>   GIT_PAGER='echo custom pager' git log
> You can also try:
>   GIT_TRACE=1 git log
> which should describe the pager being run.
>> Could something be setting the environment variable LESS? Reading the
>> git-config man page for core.pager git wants to set LESS to FRSX but if
>> it is already set git takes that as an indication that you don't want to
>> set LESS automatically.
> We can also double-check the LESS setting in the executed pager:
>   GIT_PAGER='echo LESS=$LESS' git log
> If we are running less, and it is using FRSX, I'd suspect some kind of
> terminal weirdness with less itself. With "-F", less will quit if the
> whole output can be displayed; it's possible it thinks the screen is
> bigger than it is.
> Trying:
>   GIT_PAGER=less LESS=RSX git log
> might help.
> -Peff

So I set GIT_PAGER to 'echo custom pager' as you instructed, and I
noticed that wasn't being printed when I ran my git log alias. So what
I did after that was set GIT_TRACE=1 and here is the output I see
before my logs start printing:

$ git lg
trace: exec: 'git-lg'
trace: run_command: 'git-lg'
trace: run_command: 'git lg1'
trace: exec: 'git-lg1'
trace: run_command: 'git-lg1'
trace: run_command: 'git short-log-base --branches --remotes --tags'
trace: exec: 'git-short-log-base' '--branches' '--remotes' '--tags'
trace: run_command: 'git-short-log-base' '--branches' '--remotes' '--tags'
trace: alias expansion: short-log-base => 'log' '--graph'
'--abbrev-commit' '--decorate' '--date=relative'
'--format=format:%C(bold blue)%h%C(reset)%x09%C(bold
green)(%ar)%C(reset)%C(bold yellow)%d%C(reset) %C(dim
white)%an%C(reset) - %C(white)%s%C(reset)'
trace: built-in: git 'log' '--graph' '--abbrev-commit' '--decorate'
'--date=relative' '--format=format:%C(bold blue)%h%C(reset)%x09%C(bold
green)(%ar)%C(reset)%C(bold yellow)%d%C(reset) %C(dim
white)%an%C(reset) - %C(white)%s%C(reset)' '--branches' '--remotes'

Does using an alias have something to do with this?
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