Jeff King <> writes:

> Sorry, this one slipped through the cracks. Here's a re-roll addressing
> your comments.
> ...
>>  - In the context of "pack-objects", the name "--honor-pack-keep"
>>    makes sense; it is understood that pack-objects will _not_ remove
>>    kept packfile, so "honoring" can only mean "do not attempt to
>>    pick objects out of kept packs to add to the pack being
>>    generated." and there is no room for --no-honor-pack-keep to be
>>    mistaken as "you canremove the ones marked to be kept after
>>    saving the still-used objects in it away."
>>    But does the same name make sense in the context of "repack"?
> I think the distinction you are making is to capture the second second
> from the docs:
>   If set to false, include objects in `.keep` files when repacking via
>   `git repack`. Note that we still do not delete `.keep` packs after
>   `pack-objects` finishes.
> The best name I could come up with is "--pack-keep-objects", since that
> is literally what it is doing. I'm not wild about the name because it is
> easy to read "keep" as a verb (and "pack" as a noun). I think it's OK,
> but suggestions are welcome.

pack-kept-objects then?
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