Jeff King <> writes:

> Of all of them, I think --pack-kept-objects is probably the best. And I
> think we are hitting diminishing returns in thinking too much more on
> the name. :)

True enough.

I wonder if it makes sense to link it with "pack.writebitmaps" more
tightly, without even exposing it as a seemingly orthogonal knob
that can be tweaked, though.

I think that is because I do not fully understand the ", because ..."
part of the below:

>> This patch introduces an option to disable the
>> `--honor-pack-keep` option.  It is not triggered by default,
>> even when pack.writeBitmaps is turned on, because its use
>> depends on your overall packing strategy and use of .keep
>> files.

If you ask --write-bitmap-index (or have pack.writeBitmaps on), you
do want the bitmap-index to be written, and unless you tell
pack-objects to ignore the .keep marker, it cannot do so, no?

Does the ", because ..." part above mean "you may have an overall
packing strategy to use .keep file to not ever repack some subset of
the objects, so we will not silently explode the kept objects into a
new pack"?

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