I'm pleased to announce that Git has been accepted to this year's Google
Summer of Code.

Student proposals will start coming in on March 22. In the meantime
students will be reading our Ideas page[1] and enquiring about the
program on the mailing list and on irc. There are many ways that
existing git developers can help:

  - continue to add to and polish the Ideas page

  - interact with prospective students; besides responding to questions
    on the list, hanging around on #git and #git-devel on freenode is

  - volunteer to mentor and/or rank student proposals. You can sign up
    at http://google-melange.com, and request to be added as a mentor
    for the git project.

We didn't discuss earlier whether we would have any specific
requirements for students during the proposal period (e.g., having a
patch accepted). It would be good to put together rules (or barring any
specific requirements, guidelines to help students put together a good
proposal) as soon as possible. Suggestions are welcome.


[1] http://git.github.io/SoC-2014-Ideas.html
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