Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Omar Othman <> writes:
>> Though I don't know why you think this is important:
>>> Now, the real question is: when would Git stop showing this advice. I
>>> don't see a real way to answer this, and I'd rather avoid doing just a
>>> guess.
>> If it is really annoying for the user, we can just have a
>> configuration parameter to switch this message on/off.
> Just saying "You have X stash" is OK to me as long as there is an option
> to deactivate it.


> Hinting "You should now run "git stash drop"." OTOH is far more dangerous
> if guessed wrong. Keeping a stash active when you don't need it does no
> real harm, but droping one you actually needed is data loss.

I agree giving possibly incorrect advice is bad.

Can you construct a use case where git will give incorrect advice? 

I don't know git well enough to do that, nor to assert that it will never

I think we need a more concrete proposal to move this forward.

-- Stephe
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