Am 2/28/2014 8:14, schrieb Jeff King:
> I didn't think we bothered to make "sh -x" work robustly. I don't mind
> if we do, but "git grep -E 'test_(i18n)?cmp .*err" shows many potential
> problem spots.
> Hmm. Looks like it is only a problem if you are calling a shell function
> (since it is the shell function's trace output you are seeing). So this
> test would be OK as-is, but testing for an error, like:
>   test_must_fail git branch -u foo foo 2>stderr
> would not be, because we see the trace from test_must_fail. So some of
> the callsites found by my grep are actually probably fine.

Yeah, your assessment is correct: only shell function output is affected.

Some time (years?) ago, I used to run the tests on Windows with sh -x,
redirected to a log file to be able to trace intermittent failures. It was
distracting to find many false positives. Today, I don't do that anymore,
and it is not a big deal for me, just like for anybody else ;-)

Consider the topic settled.

-- Hannes
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