Stephen Leake <> writes:

> So a message "merge complete; you can drop the stash" would be the most
> git should do.

>From the user experience point of view, that would be good. It could
bother some users, but we have advice.* to silent this kind of warnings.

>From the implementation point of view, it's much harder than it seems
because as other pointed out, Git does not know that the merge conflicts
comes from, so as it is, the best it could say is "merge complete; you
can now proceed". Thas is a solvable problem (git stash could leave a
file like .git/conflicted-stash, and git add could look for this file
and remove it), but I can't think of an implementation that would not be
really awful. For example, "git reset" should also remove the file, and in
general a substancial subset of Git's command would need to be aware of
the status of git stash.

So, I wouldn't object, but I don't think the implementation cost is
worth the benefit.

Matthieu Moy
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