Eric Sunshine <> writes:

> As a potential GSoC student and newcomer to the project, Faiz would
> not have known that this would be considered unwanted churn when he
> chose the task from the GSoC microproject page [1]. Perhaps it would
> be a good idea to retire this item from the list?
> On the other hand, it did expose Faiz to the iterative code review
> process on this project and gave him a taste of what would be expected
> of him as a GSoC student, so the microproject achieved that important
> goal, and thus wasn't an utter failure.

And the microproject has the fabulous property that we can use it over
and over again to have a newcomer try committing patches: the previously
reported problem that we were running out of microprojects will not
occur when every patch is eventually going to be rejected.

Joking aside, this is a motivational disaster.  It should be retired.

David Kastrup
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