> I'm the guilty one.  I like the change (obviously, since I suggested
> it).  Writing strbufs comes up frequently and will hopefully increase in
> usage and I think it is a positive thing to encourage the use of strbufs
> by making them increasingly first-class citizens.
> But I can see your points too, and I humbly defer to the wisdom of the
> list.  I will remove this suggestion from the list of microprojects.
> Faiz, this is the way things go on the Git mailing list.  It would be
> boring if everybody agreed all the time :-)
> Michael

Thank you all. Even I like the strbuf_write_or_die() but again its a
code churn as pointed out. But if we want to use strbuf instead of
static buffers we might need this function very often (Its just my
Anyways, implementing it was an exercise and I enjoyed it. I agree
with Michael Haggerty that it would be boring if everybody agreed all
the time :D
I enjoyed it and learnt from the exercise, so I don't think it was a
waste or a bad exercise. At least it exposed me to practices of good
software design and importance of layers in software.

Thanks a lot.

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