Thanks David for the reply. I think I need to do more ground work of going 
through how to use gdb.
Basically I am java programmer and I was trying out to debug git source using 
eclipse CDT and as we do in java, I was trying out to set break point but 
failed with errors as "No line 396 in file "help.c"".
And using gdb too I end up with same error.

# (gdb) break help.c:396
# No line 396 in file "help.c".

Am I missing something.


On Tuesday, March 4, 2014 9:34 PM, Matthieu Moy <> 
David Kastrup <> writes:

> Mahesh Pujari <> writes:
>> Hello,
>>  I am trying to compile git with debug symbols and failed to do so
>> (basically I am a noob), can some one direct me to links or mailing
>> list (have searched but couldn't find) or doc's so that I can debug
>> git using gdb.
> git is compiled with debug symbols by default.

... but:

1) some Git commands are shell-scripts, on which you can't use gdb.

2) some Git commands fork other commands, and then you have to deal with
   multiple processes (i.e. putting a breakpoint in a piece of code
   executed by the subprocess won't work if gdb is running on the other


Matthieu Moy

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