Hello all,
 Thanks for replying back, figured out (offcourse had to search in net) that 
'gdb' version I had was 6.7.1 (OS Ubuntu 12.04 LST), not sure how I got this. 
Then I upgraded gdb to version 7.4-2012.04 and things got going.


On Tuesday, March 4, 2014 10:13 PM, David Kastrup <d...@gnu.org> wrote:
Mahesh Pujari <pujarimahesh_ku...@yahoo.com> writes:

> Thanks David for the reply. I think I need to do more ground work of
> going through how to use gdb.
> Basically I am java programmer and I was trying out to debug git
> source using eclipse CDT and as we do in java, I was trying out to set
> break point but failed with errors as "No line 396 in file "help.c"".
> And using gdb too I end up with same error.
> # (gdb) break help.c:396
> # No line 396 in file "help.c".
> Am I missing something.

There is just no line 396 known to gdb.  It seems like you are
indicating a function header.  That's not code.  Either take the
function _name_ rather than a line number (that's usually most reliable)
or take the first line of actual code.

David Kastrup

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