On 2014-03-04 14.23, Karsten Blees wrote:
> Am 03.03.2014 18:51, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
>> Lee Hopkins <leer...@gmail.com> writes:
>>> I went ahead and took a stab at a solution. My solution is more
>>> aggressive than a warning, I actually prevent the creation of
>>> ambiguous refs. My changes are also in refs.c, which may not be
>>> appropriate, but it seemed like the natural place.
>>> I have never contributed to Git (in fact this is my first dive into
>>> the source) and my C is a bit rusty, so bear with me, this is just a
>>> suggestion:
>>> ---
>>>  refs.c |   31 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
>>>  1 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)
>> Starting something like this from forbidding is likely to turn out
>> to be a very bad idea that can break existing repositories.
> Its sure worth considering what should be done with pre-existing duplicates. 
> However, repositories with such refs are already broken on case-insensitive 
> filesystems, and allowing something that's known to be broken is even more 
> dangerous, IMO.
> An alternative approach could be to encode upper-case letters in loose refs 
> if core.ignorecase == true (e.g. "Foo" -> "%46oo"). Although this may pose a 
> problem for commands that bypass the refs API / plumbing for whatever reason.
>> A new configuration
>>      refs.caseInsensitive = {warn|error|allow}
> s/caseInsensitive/caseSensitive/
> Its case-sensitive refs that cause trouble, case-insensitive refs would be 
> fine on all platforms.
> I still don't see why we need an extra setting for this. The problems are 
> inherently caused by case-insensitive filesystems, and we already have 
> 'core.ignorecase' for that (its even automatically configured). Having an 
> extra setting for refs is somewhat like making 'core.ignorecase' configurable 
> per sub-directory.
I start to agree here.
The case-insensitive file system does not allow branches foo and Foo at the 
same time,
and the packed refs should simply follow this convention/restriction/behaviour.

(and everything else could and should go into another patch:
 If we ever want Linux to ignore the case in refs,
 to ease the cross-platform development with Windows.
 Or if we allow Windows/Mac OS to handle case insensitive refs (by always 
packing them)
 to ease the co-working with e.g. Linux.

Lee, could you improve your change in refs.c into a real patch, with a commit 
(And please have a look at the indentation with TABs)

A test case could be good, if time allows I can make a suggestion.

Thanks for all comments

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