Karsten Blees <karsten.bl...@gmail.com> writes:

>> If you are on a case-insensitive filesystem, or work on a cross-platform
>> project, ensure that you avoid ambiguous refs. Problem solved.
> So its OK to lose data if you accidentally use an ambiguous ref? I
> cannot believe you actually meant that.

I think he meant what he said: "you avoid ambiguous refs".  He did
not say "it is not Git's business to help you doing so".

I think it is prudent to warn in the end-user facing layer (read: do
not touch refs.c to implement something like that) when the user
creates "refs/heads/Next" when there already is "refs/heads/next",
and I further think it would make sense to do so even on case
sensitive platforms.

We warn ambiguous refs across refs hierarchies (e.g. if you have
refs/heads/next and refs/tags/next) with core.warnAmbiguousRefs; I
do not think it is a stretch to either introduce a new configuration
core.warnCaseInsensitiveRefs (auto-detected at the same place as we
auto-detect core.ignorecase) or use the same core.warnAmbiguousRefs
to trigger a warning upon seeing both "refs/heads/next" and

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