git newbie here.

I would like to work with two main branches: master-g and master-x, instead of the usual master, and apparently git does not like this.

After creating a local repository with these two branches, and a server repository with git init --bare, and pushing the two branches:

git remote add origin foo@bar:~/path/test.git
git push origin master-g
git push origin master-x

everything seems fine, but cloning:
git clone foo@bar:~/path/test.git
terminates with a warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.

On the original local repository, I have:
>cat HEAD
ref: refs/heads/master-x

But on the server repository or the clone repository, HEAD points to master branch, that does not exist:
>cat HEAD
ref: refs/heads/master

Replacing in the HEAD file, master by master-g (on the server before cloning, or on the clone after cloning) seems to solve the problem.

Shall I worry about this? does my fix (editing directly HEAD on the server) fixes really the problem? what would be the correct procedure to avoid this?

Thank you!
Carlos Pereira,

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