On 2014-03-08 22.37, Carlos Pereira wrote:
> Hi,
> git newbie here.
> I would like to work with two main branches: master-g and master-x, instead 
> of the usual master, and apparently git does not like this.
> After creating a local repository with these two branches, and a server 
> repository with git init --bare, and pushing the two branches:
> git remote add origin foo@bar:~/path/test.git
> git push origin master-g
> git push origin master-x
> everything seems fine, but cloning:
> git clone foo@bar:~/path/test.git
> terminates with a warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to 
> checkout.
This is because Git is trying to be nice:
When you clone, it tries to checkout a branch for you.

What happens when you only have 1 branch, lets say master-x?
If I clone the bare repo here, with only 1 branch, this branch
is automatically checked out (tested on

What happens when you have 2 branches on the server?
Git really can not make a decision which one is the right one to check out for
you, so if you have 2 branched like "master" and "develop", it checks out the
"master" branch for you.

But if you have "master-x" and "master-g" then Git has no clue, which one could
be you favorite one (and neither have I)

What does "git branch" say?
(I think nothing)
What does "git branch -r" say?
(I think "origin/master-g" and "origin/master-x")
> On the original local repository, I have:
>>cat HEAD
> ref: refs/heads/master-x
> But on the server repository or the clone repository, HEAD points to master 
> branch, that does not exist:
>>cat HEAD
> ref: refs/heads/master
> Replacing in the HEAD file, master by master-g (on the server before cloning, 
> or on the clone after cloning) seems to solve the problem.
> Shall I worry about this? does my fix (editing directly HEAD on the server) 
> fixes really the problem? 


>what would be the correct procedure to avoid this?
(Don't worry if there is a warning, when Git tries to be nice)
(Or feel free to send a patch to this list which improves the user experience)

> Thank you!
> Carlos Pereira,

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