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* Store references in a SQLite database, to get correct transaction

No to SQLLite in git-core. Using it from JGit requires building
SQLLite and a JNI wrapper, which makes JGit significantly less
portable. I know SQLLite is pretty amazing, but implementing
compatibility with it from JGit will be a big nightmare for us.

That seems like a poor reason not to implement a pluggable feature for
git-core. If we implement it, then a site using only git-core can take
advantage of it. Sites with JGit cannot, and would use a different
pluggable storage mechanism that's supported by both. But if we don't
implement, it hurts people using only git-core, and it does not help
sites using JGit at all.

Of course, the basic premise for this feature is "let's assume that our
file and/or operating system suck at providing file system functionality
at file name granularity".  There have been two historically approaches
to that problem that are not independent: a) use Linux b) kick Linus.

As a note, if this is done properly, it could allow for plugins that connect to the underlying storage system (similar to the Facebook Mecurial change)

Even for those who don't have the $$$$$ storage arrays, there may be other storage specific hacks that can be done to detect that files haven't changed.

For example, with btrfs and you compile into a different directory thatn your source, you may be able to detect that things didn't change by the fact that the filesystem didn't have to do a rewrite of the parent node.

David Lang
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