Am 10.03.2014 12:00, schrieb Michael Haggerty:
> Reference transactions
> ----------------------

Very cool ideas indeed.

However, I'm concerned a bit that transactions are conceptual overkill. How 
many concurrent updates do you expect in a repository? Wouldn't a single 
repo-wide lock suffice (and be _much_ simpler to implement with any backend, 
esp. file-based)?

The API you posted in [1] doesn't look very much like a transaction API either 
(rather like batch-updates). E.g. there's no rollback, the queue* methods 
cannot report failure, and there's no way to read a ref as part of the 
transaction. So I'm afraid that backends that support transactions out of the 
box (e.g. RDBMSs) will be hard to adapt to this.

Just my 2cents,


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