Ilya Bobyr <> writes:

> I though that an example just to describe `argh' while useful would
> look a bit disproportional, compared to the amount of text on
> --parseopt.
> But now that I've added a "Usage text" section to looks quite in place.

Good thinking.

> I was also wondering about the possible next step(s).  If you like
> the patch will you just take it from the maillist and it would
> appear in the next "What's cooking in git.git"?  Or the process is
> different?

It goes more like this:

 - A topic that is in a good enough shape to be discussed and moved
   forward is given its own topic branch and then merged to 'pu', so
   that we do not forget.  The topic enters "What's cooking" at this

 - Discussion on the topic continues on the list, and the topic can
   be replaced or built upon while it is still on 'pu' to polish it

   . We may see a grave issue with the change and may discard it
     from 'pu'.  

   . We may see a period of inaction after issues are pointed out
     and/or improvements are suggested, which would cause the topic
     marked as stalled; this may cause it to be eventually discarded
     as "abandoned" if nobody cares deeply enough.

 - After a while, when it seems that we, collectively as the Git
   development circle, agree that we would eventually want that
   change in a released version in some future (not necessarily in
   the upcoming release), the topic is merged to 'next', which is
   the branch Git developers are expected to run in their daily

    . We may see some updates that builds on the patches merged to
      'next' so far to fix late issues discovered.

    . We may see a grave issue with the change and may have to
      revert & discard it from 'next'.

 - After a while, when the topic proves to be solid, it is merged to
   'master', in preparation for the upcoming release.

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