Ilya Bobyr <> writes:

> I can not find this particular patch in the latest "What's cooking" email.
> Is there something I can do?

IIRC, I think I was waiting for the version with a new "Usage text"
section to the documentation you alluded to in this exchange

    Ilya Bobyr <> writes:

    > On 3/11/2014 12:10 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
    >>>> Documentation on the whole argument parsing is quite short, so,...
    > ...
    > I though that an example just to describe `argh' while useful would
    > look a bit disproportional, compared to the amount of text on
    > --parseopt.
    > But now that I've added a "Usage text" section to looks quite in place.
    > I just realized that the second patch I sent did not contain the
    > changes.  Sorry about - I will resend it.

> It does not seems like there is a lot of interest, so I am not sure
> there will be a lot of discussion.
> It is a minor fix and considering the number of the emails on the
> list, I do not unexpected this kind of stuff to be very popular.
> But it seems like a valid improvement to me.
> Maybe I am missing something?

You did the right thing by sending a reminder message with a pointer
to help others locate the original (like the one I am responding
to), as nobody can keep up with a busy list traffic.

> Same questions about this one:
>     [PATCH] gitk: replace SHA1 entry field on keyboard paste
> I think they are more or less similar, except that the second one is
> just trivial.

I do not remember if I forwarded the patch to the area maintainer
Paul Mackerras <>, but if I didn't please do so
yourself.  The changes to gitk and git-gui come to me via their own
project repositories.
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