Eric Sunshine <> writes:

>> +               if (origin && remote_is_branch)
>> +                       
>> printf_ln(_(message[!remote_is_branch][!origin][!rebasing]),
>> +                               local, name, origin);
>>                 else
>> -                       die("BUG: impossible combination of %d and %p",
>> -                           remote_is_branch, origin);
>> +                       
>> printf_ln(_(message[!remote_is_branch][!origin][!rebasing]),
>> +                               local, name);
> Shouldn't this logic also be encoded in the table? After all, the
> point of making the code table-driven is so that such hard-coded logic
> can be avoided. It shouldn't be difficult to do.

Hmph.  Is it even necessary in the first place?  Does it hurt if you
give more parameters than the number of placeholders in the format
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