Eric Sunshine <> writes:

> Shouldn't this logic [to decide what the printf arguments should
> be] also be encoded in the table?
> ...
> The same argument also applies to computation of the 'name' variable
> above. It too can be pushed into the the table.

Because the "printf argument" logic does not have to be in the
table, the same argument does not apply to the 'name' thing.

After looking at the v5 patch, I do not think an extra two-element
array to switch between remote vs shortname is making it any easier
to read.  I would have to say that personally I find that

        const char *name[] = {remote, shortname};
        ... long swath of code ...
        printf_ln(... name[!remote_is_branch] ...);

is a lot harder to read than:

        printf_ln(... remote_is_branch ? shortname : branch ...);

HTH, and thanks.
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