Thank you for your comments.I will amend those issues .As a Chinese 
student,what name should I use?My Chinese name is ok?
At 2014-03-15 01:10:57,"Matthieu Moy" <> wrote:
>Welcome to the Git community, and welcome to the GSOC program. Below are
>some comments to give you a taste of what a review looks like on this
>list. Do take the comments seriously (they should be addressed), but
>don't take them badly: critic is meant to be constructive.
>ubuntu733 <> writes:
>Please, use a real name when you contribute to Git.
>> Apply for GSOC.The microprojects is rewriter diff-index.c
>This part of your message will become the commit message (i.e. cast in
>stone forever in git.git's history). The point is not that you want to
>apply for GSOC, but what the patch does and more importantly why it does
>> +#define REMOVE 1
>If the code is to be removed, then remove it. That's why we use a
>version control system ;-).
>> -    while ((e = readdir(dir)))
>> -            if (strcmp(".", e->d_name) && strcmp("..", e->d_name))
>> -                    string_list_insert(list, e->d_name);
>> -
>> +    while ((e = readdir(dir))) {
>> +            while(is_dot_or_dotdot(e->d_name))
>Missing space between "while" and "(".
>> +                      break;
>Broken indentation (indent with space).
>This while (...) break; seems really weird to me: if the condition is
>false, then you exit the loop because it's a while loop, and if the
>condition is true, you exit the loop because of the break. Isn't that a
>> +            string_list_insert(list, e->d_name);
>> +              }
>Broken indentation (misplaced }).
>Matthieu Moy

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