I thought you had the URLs backwards, but that doesn't seem to be the
problem, assuming I am reading your transcription correctly. Maybe the
'insteadOf' is being applied in addition to (and cancelling out) the
pushInsteadOf.  Does it work as expected if you remove one or the

In any case, it sounds like a Git issue, not a Gerrit one. You should
ask on git@vger.kernel.org, which I have cc'ed here.


On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 4:44 AM, Raf <rafeah.rahi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been searching high and low for this issue, but somehow I do not see
> anyone encountering the same issue as me.
> Here is the scenario:
> I have created a local mirror for my group of developers to download the
> AOSP code from an external gerrit server.
> So the developers will download the code from the mirror but push to the
> external gerrit server.
> Hence, I have edited my /home/user/.gitconfig file to add the following:
> #To download from
>         [url "ssh://localMirror"]
>         insteadOf=ssh://gerritServer
> #to push
>         [url "ssh://gerritServer"]
>         pushInsteadOf = ssh://localMirror
> Some how, the pushInsteadOf does not work, when i tried to push the changes
> to the external gerrit server, it still pushes to the local mirror server.
> Also, when I tried to manually add the remote to the repository: git remote
> add gerrit_origin ssh://gerritServer
> I tried to push to the gerrit_origin, it still pushes to the local mirror
> server. Which is strange..
> Please help. I have spent whole day looking for this solution to no avail.
> Thanks.
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