Torsten Bögershausen <> writes:

> On 2014-03-14 23.09, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> * ap/remote-hg-skip-null-bookmarks (2014-01-02) 1 commit
>>  - remote-hg: do not fail on invalid bookmarks
>>  Reported to break tests ($gmane/240005)
>>  Expecting a reroll.
> I wonder what should happen here.
> The change breaks all the tests in
> (And the breakage may prevent us from detecting other breakages)
> The ideal situation would be to have an extra test case for the problem
> which we try to fix with this patch.
> Antoine, is there any way to make your problem reproducable ?
> And based on that, to make a patch which passes all test cases ?

After re-reading the thread briefly (there're just five messages)

I think the "breakage" the patch tries to fix seems to be of dubious
nature in the first place ("I don't know how I ended-up with such a
bookmark", Antoine says in $gmane/239800), and it has been in
"Expecting a reroll" state in response to "I will try to come-up
with an improved version" in $gmane/240069 but nothing has happened
for a few months.

At this point I think it would be OK for me to discard the topic
(without prejudice); if the root cause of the issue (if there is
one) and a proper fix is discovered in the future, the topic can
come back with a fresh patch, but it appears to me that keeping the
above patch in my tree would not help anybody.

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