Max Horn <> writes:

> So, one more silly (bikeshedding) question: should I do this as one big
> patch adding multiple xfail tests - or one commit per test, with perhaps a
> brief description of the issue at hand? Or should a code comment next to
> the failing test explain things?

Judging from the next paragraph, one patch per issue sounds like a
good organization to help those who would want to fix these issues.

> Actually, some of those bugs might require a lengthy background
> explanation, so yet another variant would be to write an email here
> With an explanation, then add a gmane ref to the commit message...

Please first try to find a way that does not need any external
references---not everybody is always online.  A two-page description
in the log message for a new five-line test_expect_fail piece is
perfectly fine.
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