It seems to me that the topic of adding the script to
Git's source tree has cropped up several times in the past, as
recently as a couple of days ago: $gmane/243607.

It should be noted that its usage for its sake has been discouraged by
Junio Hamano in $gmane/205998. Also, its use is somewhat controversial
and has led to flames and even a public fork.

Despite this, I think that git might benefit from a port of In fact, even Junio had admitted to use part of its
features later in $gmane/205998.

We could simply use linux's script/, but I think a port
is needed for these reasons:

1. Git style guidelines are somewhat different and less strict than
their Linux equivalents.
2. Several patch threads bounce back and forth because of style fixes.
A checkpatch script added as a hook could help reduce these and use
more efficiently our time.
3. As far as I can tell, checkpatch needs to be run from the root
folder of a linux repository clone. Cloning several hundred MBs for a
single perl script looks a little foolish to me.

So, is there any interest in adding a port of to
contrib/? I might work on this as part of GSoC. I still haven't
submitted my application about git bisect (life got in the way!), but
Michael Heggarty remarked in $gmane/242703 that my original idea had
too little meat in it to constitute a good GSoC proposal.

Jacopo Notarstefano
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