I have a bit of a weird question. Poking around with Google searches
hasn't come up with any results, so I'm asking here :)

Short version: What's the most appropriate way to configure a git hook?

Long version: I have a git hook (handles prepare-commit-msg and
commit-msg) and part of what it does can search 'git log' for a single
file. It doesn't really care about the full history, and wants to be
reasonably fast (as the user is waiting for it). It's just a
convenience, so correctness isn't a huge issue. The easiest way to
keep it moving through quickly is to limit the search:

$ git log ...other options... HEAD~100 some-file.pike

The problem with this is that it doesn't work if HEAD doesn't have 100
great-great-...-grandparents - plus, it's way too specific a number to
hard-code. I might want it different on different repos (and the
script is shared, and is available for other people to use).

Now, if this were something in git core, I'd expect to set that value
of 100 with 'git config', but this is my own script. Is it right to
use 'git config' for something that isn't controlled by the core code
of git? I've tentatively used "git config rosuav.log-search.limit"
(with 0 or absence meaning "omit the argument" ie search the whole
history), and am wondering if that's a really really bad idea.

Here's the script in question:

Two parts to the question, then. Firstly, is it acceptable to use 'git
config' for a hook like this? And secondly, either: Is there a naming
convention to follow? or, what alternative would you recommend?

Thanks in advance for any ideas/tips!

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