Hello, Michael, Matthieu and peff,

My name is Yao and I am interested in Git Configuration API Improvements listed 
in idea page in Git. I came up some ideas and really want to discuss them with 

First is about when to start reading configuration file to cache. My idea is 
the time user starts call command that need configuration information (need to 
read configuration file).

Second is about data structure. I read Peff's email listed on idea page. He 
indicated two methods and I prefer syntax tree. I think there should be three 
or more syntax tree in the cache. One for system, one for global and one for 
local. If user indicate a file to be configuration file, add one more tree. Or 
maybe we can build one tree and tag every node to indicate where it belongs to.

Third one is about when to write back to file, I am really confused about it. I 
think one way could be when user leave git repository using "cd" to go back. 
But I am not sure if git could detect user calls "cd" to leave repository.

Thank you,

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